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Celebrating 40 years of Banding 1971 to 2011

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11th April - Music Cafe

3rd May - Moulton Chapel Tuliptime Parade

4th May - Holbeach Flower Festival

10th May - Spring Concert with afternoon tea

7th June - Jubilee Park Donington

21st June - Ayscoughfee Gardens, Spalding

4th July - Holbeach Food Festival

18th July - Concert at Crowland Abbey

25th July - 2nd Music Cafe

12th September - Holbeach St Mark - Proms

19th September - Holbeach W.I. Hall - Proms

26th September - Cowbit Clock

8th November - Remembrance Service

11th April - Music Cafe

Our first Music Cafe was very enjoyable and successful. Band members, family and friends made cakes to sell, served in the cafe and washed up/cleared up.

We had a table of cakes to sell; and a separate tablle with various instrumnets for visitors to try.

There were tables and chairs for the visitors. And the band played for two hours, and ate cake!

3rd May - Moulton Chapel Tuliptime Parade

We were happy to return to Moulton Chapel for their annual Tulipttime Parade. The heavy rain in the morning was worrying, but it cleared up for a mainly sunny afternoon. There was a short sharp shower during the parade; the roof on the trailer protected most of us, but the leaky roof found some players!

The Parade stopped outside the Jolly Farmer pub for 10 minutes so we could entertain them. We also stopped for 15 minutes outside the Community Centre at the end of the parade to play again. When we played Highland Cathedral, a Scottish Piper joined in.

We set off from a farmyard about half a mile from the Community Centre down a single-track country road. As we played at the Community Centre at the end, the other participants passed us and returned to the farmyard. After we finished playing we were stuck for 20 minutes - a float was left in front of us and when that finally moved, there was a constant stream of vehicles coming towards us carrying the other participants.


4th May - Holbeach Flower Festival

We returned, again, to play at the Holbeach Flower Festival. It was a lovely, sunny day and we played on the lawn outside the church during the afternoon of this Bank Holiday Monday. We had a good audience. And we sold some more tickets for our Spring Concert next week.

10th May - Spring Concert with afternoon tea

We were back in the W.I. Hall Holbeach for our Spring Concert. Following the success of our Music Cafe, we tried something different for this concert - we provided an afternoon tea of sandwiches and cake for the audience.

We had a good turn out and a good audience. All in all a very enjoyable Sunday afternoon. So much so that we are planning another one at Christmas time.

We took the opportunity to take a formal photograph of the band, but the lighting was not good on the stage!

There wasn't enough room on the stage for the band. The back of the stage, behind the curtain, has been used for the storage of chairs. On each side of the stage there was an upright paino and stacked tables. So we played on the hall floor among the audience - and close to the food!

7th June - Jubilee Park, Donington

Our regular visit to Fun in the Park at Jubilee Park Donington. The event is organised by IDEA (Improving the Donington Environment For All).

A lovely sunny day (as it seems to be evry year) but rather windy - careful use of pegs and magnets to hold the music in place.

We played in the bandstand, which is quite a tight fit! We had a couple of players absent, which made it easier to fit in.

21st June - Ayscoughfee Gardens, Spalding

A welcome return to one of our favourite venues as part of the Music in the Gardens series of concerts.Thw weather was kind to us, and the audience - quite sunny but a few clouds and a bit windy.

We had a good turnout and the concert went very well. But the wind made it difficult for the sound to carry in the quiet bits.

4th July - Holbeach Food Festival

Lovely sunny (and hot) afternoon at the 2nd Holbeach Food Festival; great to be invited back. We invited some of our Training Band members to join us on back-row cornet. They performed very well. The future is looking good!

Pity there were no chairs, but we took some of our bandroom chairs for the infirm and the basses. Nice to play at a venue a few minutes walk from the bandroom.

18th July - Concert at Crowland Abbey

An excellent concert at Crowland Abbey - one of the nicest venues of the area. it's 2 years since our last visit. We had an enthusiastic audience to our concert with a Britishness theme. The programme included Fanfare Britannica, Marching Through Wales, Fame and Glory March, Lovely Jubilee. Major items were Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and An American Trilogy.

Our Bass Trombonist, George Brown played the solo King of the Road.


25th July - 2nd Music Cafe

Following the succes of our first Music Cafe our 2nd one was equally enjoyable and successful. Band members, family and friends made cakes to sell, served in the cafe and washed up/cleared up.

We didn't have quite as many visitors this time, but the press coverage before the event was not as strong! We held this one as a way of promoting our Learn to Play Week and a number of the visitors said they would be coming along.

We took with us some spare instruments for visitors to try.

We started with a 15 minute session from the Training band then the senior band took over. We played 15-20 minute sessions with breaks for the viitors to try instruments, and to eat cake! It also became a social occasion for the band.

12th September - Holbeach St Marks

A return visit to the Holbeach St Marks Community Centre at the request of the Holbeach St Marks Royal British Legion for the annual concert. this year we performed a Last Night of the Proms Concert with a touch of Britishness and remembrance of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain and 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.

We had three guest players to cover the absences of principal cornet, solo trombone and a bass player.


Fanfare Britannica
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Marching Through Wales
Baggy Trousers
Highland Cathedral
Aces High - - 75th aniversary of the Battle of Britain
Keep Smiling Through - - 70th anniversary of the end of WWII
Fame and Glory
American Trilogy
Lovely Jubilee - - Queen longest reign
Jupiter's Theme
Fantasia on British Sea Songs
Pomp & Circumstance

Always a pleasnat concert and very enthusiastic audience; and excellent half-time refreshments!

19th September - Holbeach W.I. Hall

Another Last Night of the Proms concert! This one was for the Holbeach Rotary Club. We played the same concert as the prvious week toa very enthusiastic audience. We were made very welcome by the Rotary Club. We provided song sheets for the audience; and they sang along with the band (including music where we did not provide the words)

We had a nearly full attendance - 29 present (2 absent) with no guests.

The Rotary Club were very complimentary about the band.

26th September - Cowbit Clock

A very pleasant time at Cowbit for the inauguration of the new Church clock. There were activities over the weekend and we were very happy to be a part. It was a Saturday lunchtime and we had a smaller band than usual, but it was nicely balanced and we were well-received by the visitors to the church. We played outside.


8th November - Remembrance Service

Our regular visit to Holbeach St Marks for their Service of Remembrance. It was a very windy day and not too warm!

We played incidental music and the Last Post at the village war memorial before going in church for the service and played Last Post again.




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