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Musical Director : Mel Hopkin

Email address: enquiries@holbeachtownband.org.uk

Back Lane, Holbeach, Lincolnshire PE12 7LN (click for map)

Celebrating 40 years of Banding 1971 to 2011

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Information About the band
Holbeach Victoria Training Band
The Musical Director: Mel Hopkin - First Musical Director: Brian Long
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Ayscoughfee Gardens, Spalding, June 2016

Current Members

Dani Walters
James Biggs
Bev Davey
Jeanette Bramham
Linda Walters
Stephanie Palmer
Richard Fairman
Drum Kit
Eb Bass
Eb Bass
Eb Bass
Bb Bass
Bb Bass
Ben Walters
Les Hill
Jacob Simpson
Dennis Sparrow
Sofia Tibbs
1st Horn
1st Horn
2nd Horn
2nd Horn
Hannah Palmer
Ruby Latka
Deborah Simpson
Zachary Simpson
Flugel Horn
Solo Horn
Solo Horn
2nd Baritone
Emma Simpson
2nd Baritone
Geoff Cooper
Jazmin Coia
Martin Oliver
2nd Cornet
Solo Cornet
1st Baritone
Diane Parker
Phil Bramham
Jasmine Latka
George Brown
2nd Cornet
Solo Cornet
1st Baritone
Bass Trombone
Matthew Simons
Amelia Simpson
Jimmy Hammond
Alex Simpson
2nd Cornet
Solo Cornet
2nd Trombone
Julie Simons
Martin Walters
Toby Walters
Neil Simons
Brian Parker
3rd Cornet
Repiano Cornet
Solo Cornet
2nd Trombone
Tony Westby
Corey Genovese
Pawel Nieweglowski
Mel Hopkin
Zoe Holdsworth
3rd Cornet
Soprano Cornet
Solo Cornet
Musical Director
1st Trombone

Bandstand in Jubilee Park Donington 2015


The Band was formed in 1971 as the Holbeach Community Band and was renamed Holbeach Town Band in 2000.  It  is a traditional brass band and takes its members from the Holbeach and Spalding areas of South Lincolnshire and surrounding villages.  

LINK to history of the band.

LINK to LP record made in the 1970s


The Band is very much a family affair with many members having relatives in the band - parents, children, brothers, sisters. The Band is always keen to attract new members from experienced players and from those willing to learn or to improve their playing. Members pay a nominal subscription of £1 per week; membership of the learner Group is FREE!


Last Night of the Proms at Crowland, September 2017



Logo from 2016

Old Logo on Band Jumper

The Band's first uniform was a burgundy blazer and matching tie.

In the 1980s this was changed to a grey blazer.

To mark the millenium in Autumn 2000, we changed to a purple jumper with band logo, white shirt, black bow tie and black trousers/skirt. We have added a cap or panama hat for the summer. In 2008 we added a black straight tie with logo for informal events. We also added a cravat with logo for the ladies.

In 2010 we added a Winter coat in black with band logo.

In 2016 we changed to a waistcoat in purple with a straight tie and with a new band logo. We also have new band hats for protection against the sun

Music in the Gardens at Ayscoughfee Gardens, Spalding 2016

Practice details
The Band practices in its own bandroom in Back lane, Holbeach, Lincolnshire.  Practices are held each Wednesday evening and start at 7.30pm and finish at 9.30pm.  

From 6.30pm to 7.30pm before practice the band holds training sessions for the Holbeach Victoria Training Band. As they progress, members of the Training Band are encouraged to join the senior band.

On Saturday mornings the Band runs a Learner Group for beginners, with improvers at 10.00am and absolute beginners at 11.00am

Open days
The band opens its doors for a half or whole day during school holidays to allow visitors to look around and to try brass instruments under the band's instruction.  These Open days, along with the Learn to Play weeks, have resulted in a significant number of new members, both from those wishing to learn and from former players interested in rejoining a brass band.  In most years we hold Coffee Mornings which are quite successful in attracting visitors - visitors are offered a drink and have a look at a display of instruments and music. Local schools are always invited to the Open Days. 


The band is totally self-financing, receiving its income from weekly membership fees (£1 per week), engagements and carol-playing. In addition the band has a fund-raising committee which organises fund-raising events.

For many years the fund-raising committee have run successful Bngo sessions. These are held at the Women's Institute Hall in Park Road, Holbeach on the second Friday of every month.

In 2015 we introduced Music Cafes. The band provides music; band family and supporters make and sell cakes and teas. So far very successful. We use the events to promote our learner classes and Learn to Play Week.



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